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Lotus BBQ Grill – the most environment-friendly grill on the market?

The Lotus BBQ Grill is a master in saving resources. Compared to the commonly available, traditional charcoal grills (no names mentioned) the smokeless Lotus BBQ Grill needs only approximately 400gr of the Lotus BBQ Grill charcoal (based on the XL grill) instead of 3kgs for a traditional charcoal barbecue of the same size!


Calculated over a year, assuming you barbecue approximately 20 times – the cost for charcoal when using a Lotus BBQ Grill would be around 24 euros, compared to a traditional charcoal barbecue the cost would be around 120 euros.  A saving of 96 euros.


The Lotus BBQ Grill Beech-BBQ-Charcoal is FSC-certified and is smokeless and is easy to ignite. In the first 5 minutes there will be a small amount of smoke, which is actually the dust from the charcoal that is getting burnt – once this has been burnt away it becomes smokeless.  The lumbering and processing of the raw material is controlled and the wood originates from Europe.  There is NO tropical deforestation.  The Lotus BBQ Grill charcoal is produced in the most modern facilities in Europe.  All materials on the Lotus BBQ Grill are recyclable and all components can be found as spare parts.  Taking proper care, the Lotus BBQ Grill will provide you with lots of fun and entertainment.