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Isn’t a homemade pizza simply the best using Lotus Grill?

Yes it is and are you wondering how you can bake a pizza with the Lotus Grill Hong Kong.  Well all you need is a Pizza Stone Plate, an optional Lotus grill hood and of course the smokeless Lotus Grill. This is great for young and old – let your Italian cooking skills take control.  

Ingredients Needed:

Besides the Lotus Grill equipment needed, you will need :
*ready made pizza base or if you are ambitions make your own home-made pizza base
*Tomato paste
*Pizza cheese – mozzarella or grated pizza cheese
*Chicken, Salami or Ham
*Salt and Pepper

The choice of toppings is totally dependent on your taste buds.


Put the pizza base on the pizza stone and spread with the tomato paste.  Then layer with the toppings of your choice.  Finally layer with cheese and season accordingly.

Ignite your Lotus Grill BBQ.  After 4 minutes put the pizza stone with the prepared pizza on the Lotus Grill Grid.  If you have the Lotus Grill Hood then put this over as it will act as an oven.  It should take around 20 minutes to cook.  Wait until the cheese starts bubbling and also check under the base that it doesn’t burn.

After 20 minutes you should have a ready to eat, fresh pizza made using the Lotus Grill and the Lotus Grill Pizza stone plate.  Drink with a cold glass of wine or beer.  Delicious and fresh – simple idea! big effect!